Sharon WelchSharon Welch established Bid Writer Consultancy in 2014, to help companies of all sizes and sectors successfully win private and public sector funding.

With over 30 years experience of winning new business across various sectors, Sharon recognised that many companies were increasingly engaging bid writing agencies to write their tenders.

With central government spendng over 26% of its procurement budget with SMEs, totalling a £12.1bn and with the government pledging to increase this to 33% by 2020. Sharon knew that the need for affordable support to respond to tendered opportunities has never been greater.

Jillian Davies

Jillian Davies joined Bid Writer Consultancy in 2015, bringing experience of transport and logistics, social care and education.

For the past four years Jillian has supported many clients to secure funding from the Department of Work and Pensions, West Midlands Combined Authority and Local Authorities 





Sharon and Jillian are supported by a wider team of freelance writers have extensive experience in bid management across a wide variety of sectors including Highways Maintenance & Construction, Manufacturing, Education, Learning & Skills, Welfare & Employment, Health, Wellbeing & Disability, Enterprise, Domiciliary Care, Interpreting and Catering.

Our writers will work with you to gain understanding of your organisation: your culture, objectives and challenges. They will support you to identify the unique aspects of your business to help funders recognise why you should be awarded the contract. 

If you require support to win more business we wlll provide:

       *  A Writer / Bid Manager dedicated to your company 

       *  Out of hours support if required

       *  Affordable rates

        * Honest opinion to help improve your win rates


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