The Awards keep rolling in for Bid Writer Consultancy - as we win the Outstanding Business category at the 2017 

Global Business Excellence

The Global Business Excellence Awards pride themselves on having a large panel of independent expert judges who select winners according to strict criteria for each category and sector; focussing on financial results, innovation, customer, employee, investor and community benefits.

 Commenting on Bid Writer Consultancy, the winner in the Outstanding Business category, the chairman of the judges said: The government is keen that smaller businesses get a larger share of business with the public sector and Bid Writer Consultancy has gone a long way to make this happen. By keeping its overheads low, the company provides affordable bid writing services giving smaller businesses access to new opportunities. Bid Writer puts customers first every time and its consultants go the extra mile to help clients win the business. With a win rate of over 85%, Bid Writer Consultancy is a gem of a business with a bright future.”

 Upon receiving the Award, Sharon Welch, Director of Bid Writer Consultancy said: “We are truly humbled to receive this award. We are delighted that our approach, which includes working outside normal office hours to support clients has been recognised as outstanding”.   

 The Global Business Excellence Awards are one of the world’s highest profile awards and winning this accolade speaks volumes about the quality of Bid Writer Consultancy’s work. Due to their high profile, the Awards attract a wide range of entries from across the world, from large international PLCs and public sector organisations to dynamic and innovative

 SMEs. The winners all have one thing in common – they are truly outstanding at what they do and Bid Writer Consultancy have proved this by winning a Global Business Excellence Award.

Entrepreneurs Circle Award Finalist - November 2017 

The team at Bid Writer Consultancy were shortlisted as a finalist in the Best Business Enabler category by Entrepreneurs Circle. There were 41 entrants, all outstanding business, and we were humbled to see our name amongst them. 


Best Business Awards 2017

We were delighted to be awarded TWO awards by a panel of over 20 judges in the Best Business Awards in October 2017. 

Commenting on Bid Writer Consultancy, the winner in the Best Small to Medium Size Business category, the chairman of the judges said: “Bid Writer Consultancy is an amazing company that has found a niche market helping tiny businesses access lucrative contracts from local authorities and the public sector. Often smaller firms miss out of these contacts because they don’t know how to write the tenders. The company does all the writing and has achieved an incredibly high success rate. Needless to say, with its extraordinary success, Bid Writer’s turnover has grown by more half in the last year. Bid Writer is only three years old and has a brilliant future ahead of it as a leader in its field.”

Commenting on Bid Writer Consultancy, the winner in the Best Customer Focus category, the chairman of the judges said: “Bid Writer Consultancy is so committed to helping smaller businesses win lucrative business from the public sector and local authorities that it really does puts customers before profit. To get bids completed on time, its consultant writers work flexibly and even at weekends to meet clients’ needs. By having its writers work remotely, Bid Writer saves on offices costs and passes the saving onto its clients. Congratulations to Bid Writer Consultancy for giving it clients access to affordable bid writing services and new and exciting opportunities in the public sector that will help them build thriving sustainable businesses.”
Director Sharon Welch said on receiving the awards "The Best Business Awards are one of the UK’s highest profile awards and we are delighted that our business model and the hard work of our team of writers have been recognised. We feel very privileged that our clients continue to choose Bid Writer Consultancy to support their business growth". 

Bid Writer Consultancy's Director selected as an Awards Judge

Our Director, Sharon Welch, is delighted to be invited by Awards Intelligence to judge their submissions. Awards Intelligence are world leading award and personal honours experts and the judging panel is made up of independent experts.

Bid Writer Consultancy Leads the Way in UK Cyber Security

Here at Bid Writer Consultancy the security of your data (and ours) is extremely important to us. So important that we've invested in our data protection to a level that has achieved the Government endorsed  Cyber Essentials accreditation! This scheme sets out to significantly reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and data breach. Cyber Essentials is mandatory for suppliers of Government contracts which involve handling personal information. We want to protect the  information our customers share with us. 

Bid Writer Consultancy's Director, Sharon Welch says "We are thrilled to be one of the first bid writing companies to have received this accreditation in the UK and lead the way in cyber-security. Our  investment demonstrates our commitment to protecting our customers data. Keeping it secure against potential cyber-crime and malware infection."

Women in Bids and Proposals 

Bid Writer Consultancy is proud to support the new diversity interest group, 'Women in Bids and Proposals'.

Women in Bids and Proposals promotes diversity by supporting and providing valuable networking opportunities to anyone working within the industry.

Membership is free, and is open to anyone working in bids and proposals in the UK, irrespective of their gender

Public Procurement under the spotlight in a new report

Small businesses are still facing an uphill battle to secure public sector contracts, according to a new report 'from the Federation of Small Businesses. The report 'Unstacking the Deck: Balancing the Public Procurement Odds' highlights that just 23 percent of SMEs had worked for the public sector in the last 12 months - this is a drop of 2 percentage points from 2014.  At Bid Writer Consultancy we are determined to support SME's to secure public sector funds and will be watching future reports with interest for percentage improvements. 

Bid Writer Consultancy in the News

Bid Writer Consultancy was thrilled to feature in the May 2017 edition of Entrepreneurs Circular, published by Entrepreneurs Circle for its members. The article informs members that government departments spend around £45 billion on goods and services and encourages EC members to apply. The article explains how our team works to successfully help companies to win tenders and secure contracts. 

Sharon Questions Andy Street

At The National Growth Exhibition and Conference March 2017, Sharon Welch Bid Writer Consultancy's Director, asked Andy Street about his committment to small businesses as West Midlands Mayor. He replied that  he was "committed to funding reaching SMEs". That's great news, and here at BID we look forward to supporting our clients to win a share of these ££££'s

Review of the Social Value Act

Minister for civil society, Rob Wilson MP, announced in February 2017 that there is to be another review of the Social Value Act.

The review will involve working with innovators and leaders in social value to evaluate progress made since Lord Young’s Review in 2015 to help shape the next phase of implementing the Act.

Young’s report marked a positive development for social value commissioning and signalled the government’s commitment to the agenda.

Workplace Pensions 

You may have seen the TV adverts of a big purple monster walking around places of work only to be ignored by everyone he comes across. Forget the monster, the strapline for these adverts gets the real message across - Don't ignore the Workplace Pension! Even if you don't have any employees now, if you are considering doing so in the future you should know. The penalties for failing to comply with the legislation can be severe and the Pensions Regulator has produced a 27 page - Compliance & Enforcement Strategy document! The Regulator deals with non-compliance in stages:

* Issuing you a warning called a Statutory Notice, directing you to comply.

 * A fixed penalty notice of £400 if Statutory Notices are not complied with.

 *  Issuing an escalating penalty notice, with a prescribed daily rate of £50 to £10,000 depending on the number of staff. 

Brexit implications – Briefing from NCVO 

The NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations) champions the voluntary sector and volunteering because they’re essential for a better society. They connect, represent and supportvoluntary organisations, including their 12,000 members. 

NCVO have published their first briefing on the implications of Brexit, covering the political landscape, funding and finance, social implications, regulatory change and the role of civil society. An interesting read for all vouluntary organisations.

EU Referendum Result - Statement from ERSA

ERSA (The Employment Related Services Association) is the representative body for the employment support sector. ERSA have published a statement on the implecations of the EU referendum result on Department of Work and Pensions and European Social Funds

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