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Review of the Social Value Act

Minister for civil society, Rob Wilson MP, announced in February 2017 that there is to be another review of the Social Value Act.

The review will involve working with innovators and leaders in social value to evaluate progress made since Lord Young’s Review in 2015 to help shape the next phase of implementing the Act.

Young’s report marked a positive development for social value commissioning and signalled the government’s commitment to the agenda.


 Department of Work and Pensions  New Enterprise Allowance (NEA).

NEA Phase 2 will be delivered across Great Britain in up to 14 Contract Package Areas from 3rd April 2017. 

The New Enterprise Allowance scheme is designed to support DWP customers of working age move into self-employment for those who want to start their own business.

DWP require Providers to provide business advice and support, particularly business mentoring, to help out of work participants who want to move into self-employment develop their business plan following the referral of the individual by a Jobcentre Plus Adviser.

 Workplace Pensions You may have seen the TV adverts of a big purple monster walking around places of work only to be ignored by everyone he comes across. Forget the monster, the strapline for these adverts gets the real message across - Don't ignore the Workplace Pension! Even if you don't have any employees now, if you are considering doing so in the future you should know. The penalties for failing to comply with the legislation can be severe and the Pensions Regulator has produced a 27 page - Compliance & Enforcement Strategy document! The Regulator deals with non-compliance in stages:

* Issuing you a warning called a Statutory Notice, directing you to comply.

 * A fixed penalty notice of £400 if Statutory Notices are not complied with.

 *  Issuing an escalating penalty notice, with a prescribed daily rate of £50 to £10,000 depending on the number of staff. 

 Brexit implications – Briefing from NCVO 

The NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations) champions the voluntary sector and volunteering because they’re essential for a better society. They connect, represent and supportvoluntary organisations, including their 12,000 members. 

NCVO have published their first briefing on the implications of Brexit, covering the political landscape, funding and finance, social implications, regulatory change and the role of civil society. An interesting read for all vouluntary organisations.

 EU Referendum Result - Statement from ERSA

ERSA (The Employment Related Services Association) is the representative body for the employment support sector. ERSA have published a statement on the implecations of the EU referendum result on Department of Work and Pensions and European Social Funds

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